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Gen Z is spending an average of  

7-9 hours consuming online media per day. 


Growing up in a hyper-connected world has it's pros–– but it's also the reason some 70% of teens (across all genders, races and family-income levels) are battling isolation and loneliness. Technology plays a role in amplifying negative news stories, a fear of missing out, and shame in falling short of a social media-worthy standard. 

While we won't have much success in getting this generation to disconnect, we can teach them how to use social media responsibly, create around their passions, and build their own identity.

We are starting with black boys.

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Black Boy Create - Cover Art.jpg

Black Boy, Create! was featured on Good Morning America, ABC News & more!


Interviewee: David George–– Author of Black Boy, Create!

Actor & Gamer, Khleo Thomas unboxes Black Boy, Create! on Twitch!

Khleo is most known for starring alongside Shia LaBeouf in Disney's 'Holes' and Nick Cannon & Shad Moss in 'Roll Bounce'.

Award-winning marketer and social good entrepreneur David George offers insightful lessons and inspiration drawn from the experiences of influential black boys who remixed the typical path to “success” by fusing their artistic talent with the power of social media to excel in their careers and build creator-driven personal brands.

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Black Boy, Create! takes a deep dive into how social media networks have evolved from basic photo and video sharing apps to global entertainment platforms and dream building machines for some of today’s most ambitious creators.

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Whether it's a viral video on TikTok or #hashtag-themed streetwear and statement tees, young BIPOC creators are elevating their voices, their art, and their talent to shift culture. To help young readers envision their own future, Black Boy, Create! will introduce readers to 7 unique characters who work in different creative industries. Their stories and personas are inspired by real people and the individual paths they took to success.

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In this very prescriptive book, David dissects top digital platforms so that anyone, from a sneaker collector to an aspiring video game developer, will have industry-level insight on how to approach creating content and building a personal brand around their talent, personality, and interests. Turning the average 7-9 hours they spend online per day into productive hours that develop their self-image and digital literacy skills.

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